Investor Services Careers

Investor Services and Advisory Careers

Our role is very critical when it comes to servicing and advising current and potential investors. The Investor Services and Advisory Deputyship is responsible for developing systems and procedures that ease the process of doing business.

Along with SAGIA’s stakeholders, we managed to create a one-stop-shop where multiple governmental entities work together to fulfill the needs of the investors.  

At the Investor Services and Advisory Deputyship, you will be directly interacting with investors and stakeholders whether face-to-face or through our call center. We are committed to creating a customer-centric ecosystem where our investors are the focus of our operations. We aim to provide transparent communication to our investors and answer all their inquiries and complaints.


  • Launch post-investment high value-added services (i.e., set-up assistance)
  • Develop a multi-channel and multi-function contact center
  • Ensure vendor quality (e.g., set requirements, develop SLAs)
  • Enhance offered services (e.g., instant service “Renewal for clearance” and other digitalization services) with the support of IT and e-transformation program)
  • Explore eliminating registration and inspection
  • Streamline and modernize licensing services (e.g., universal license, Yesser services)

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